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Effortlessly manage crypto and fiat payroll for employees and contractors worldwide.
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Save hours and reduce costs with streamlined tax calculations and processing.
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Simplify local compliance through international tax calculation, withholding, and remittance.
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Seamlessly integrate with your current EOR or transition to Toku's crypto-native EOR.

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Trusted by leading crypto organizations around the world

Struggling to pay your international team in crypto? 

Toku’s crypto payroll solution will integrate with your existing EOR or you can replace it entirely with our crypto-native EOR to ensure you can pay your contractors and employees in any combination of crypto, stablecoins, or fiat, anywhere in the world.

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The Only Tax-Compliant Crypto Payroll Provider

Precise tax withholding, sell-to-cover actions, and timely remittances for crypto & fiat.

Worldwide Coverage, Local Expertise

100+ jurisdictions supported with locally compliant payroll services.

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Automated Documentation & Reporting

Effortlessly generate pay slips, tax forms (W-2, 1099, etc.), and reports for employees and government agencies.

One-Click Global Crypto Payroll

Process your entire international crypto payroll in a single click, saving time and effort each month.


See how you and your team can save time with Toku’s crypto payroll & tax compliance solutions

Seamlessly integrate Toku with your existing EOR or replace it entirely with our crypto-native EOR.

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Toku is on the front lines of solving operational challenges of hiring and compensating contributors. We needed a partner that understands token payroll and token grant administration in different countries. Toku’s solutions allow each contributor to focus on their tasks while knowing their compensation is handled compliantly. They are a partner to us and the broader ecosystem.
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Christoph Simmchen
Co-founder, Safe

Timely & Precise Tax Solutions

Accurate and auditable tax calculations for every employee, every pay period, in any jurisdiction, in crypto and fiat.

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Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead with real-time regulatory updates and compliance assurance.

Effortless Payroll Processing

Accurate payments, taxes, deductions, and seamless fund transfers for crypto & fiat.

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Mastering Global Payroll Compliance

Navigate complex payroll and tax laws with Toku handling it all for you.

Whether you are a team
of 2 or 2000

Toku works with solutions of all sizes to deliver global & compliant crypto payroll.

Toku ensures your crypto and fiat payroll is always tax compliant and on-time, anywhere in the world.


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