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Toku for DAOs

Bridging the gap between DAOs and real-world for simplified & compliant token compensation

Streamlined & compliant token payroll, contributor management and token grant solutions for decentralized autonomous orgnaizations (DAOs) and on-chain entities.

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Infrastructure for best-in-class working experiences

We’ve designed a contributor experience that is best-in-class, including access to healthcare, wellness, pension and other types of insurance and benefits.

Allowing contributors to work how they want, without the sacrifice.

Designed to suit your team structure

We get it. Some contributors want to be independent contractors - participating in multiple DAOs at once. Some want the benefits of full-time employment.

Whichever your contributors prefer, we can provide the right solution.

Entity agnostic but protecting your contributors

Regardless of how you have established your DAO - LLC, entity-less, UNA, etc - we can provide security, compliance and an equitable work environment for your contributors.

Toku for Enterprises

Easily integrate into governance frameworks

Integrating seamlessly into decentralized frameworks to ensure your community has visibility & sovereignty over decision-making.

Ready to simplify employment and compensation for your DAO?

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Toku Token Payroll

A global payroll solution for employers that pay employees or contractors for work performed using tokens and fiat.

Toku Token Grant Administration

Native token grant administration solutions, including globally compliant legal templates, payroll integration including; withholding, taxes, & reporting, and live helpdesk support for grantees.

Toku Distributed Employment

Localized employment contracts, token payroll integration, tax compliance, and more for your global team.

Toku for Finance Teams

Pay employees and contractors around the world in tokens & fiat with full local tax compliance.