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Toku for HR Teams

Simplify hiring, employing and compensating your team in tokens.

Toku acts as an extension of your HR team to provide globally compliant employment contracts, token payroll & tax solutions, best-in-class benefits and token grant administration for your organization.

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Benefit packages you're proud of

We partner with leading global benefits providers to eliminate overpriced packages, jurisdictional headaches and ensure your team receives best-in-class benefits packages, all over the globe.

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Global solutions for employees & contractors

Providing full-time employment or contractor management solutions, designed for Web3, in 100+ jurisdictions around the world

Hire and onboard talent, anywhere

Your talent is what makes or breaks your organization’s success. With Toku’s global coverage, we can provide world class benefits and support to hire and retain the best talent.

Simplify and centralize token compensation

Manage your entire global team’s compensation from one platform with compliant withholdings, payslips and reporting on their fiat and token pay.

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Toku Token Payroll

A global payroll solution for employers that pay employees or contractors for work performed using tokens and fiat.

Toku Token Grant Administration

Native token grant administration solutions, including globally compliant legal templates, payroll integration including; withholding, taxes, & reporting, and live helpdesk support for grantees.

Toku Distributed Employment

Localized employment contracts, token payroll integration, tax compliance, and more for your global team.

Toku for Finance Teams

Pay employees and contractors around the world in tokens & fiat with full local tax compliance.