Toku Token Grant Administration

Manage token grant compensation for your global team

Never worry about global token compensation compliance and taxes again with Toku's end-to-end Token Grant Administration solution, from token grant award templates, to vesting tracking, reporting, and automated tax withholdings.

Toku Dashboard
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Align project incentives globally

Compensating employees in tokens is a new frontier in compliance and regulations. We untangle that uncertainty for you.

Navigate local regulations

Navigate local regulations with ease

Need to check how much was withheld for sell-to-cover? We show it all to you in a comprehensive dashboard.

Automate withholding

Align project incentives globally

Compensating employees in tokens is a new frontier in compliance and regulations. We untangle that uncertainty for you.

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Unmatched legal and tax support, anywhere in the world

We are with you throughout the lifecycle of your token grants from structure design all the way to getting cash into your employees' hands.

Toku understands how to structure, administer and manage every grant structure in circulation today - Token Purchase Agreements, Token Options, phantom tokens, Token Appreciation Rights, we've been there.

How it works

Want to offer token grants to your team but don’t know how to do it compliantly or efficiently? We do.

Token grant design

Setting up your token grant structure and managing it throughout the lifecycle is key to ensuring your organization and employees remain compliant in relevant jurisdictions.

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Legal template support for token grants

Toku helps you to build the legal & compliance infrastructure for your grant arrangements; auditing existing third-party structures and selecting efficient legal templates.

Compensation structuring & benchmarking

Whether you’re pre-token launch, post-token launch, or setting up an equity structure, Toku will design, optimize and implement an efficient and equitable compensation structure for your team.

Grant administration

Managing vesting schedules and realization of tokens so that employees receive their grant without unnecessary tax burden or risk.

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Grant payroll processing

Toku's token payroll processing platform will calculate withholdings and make payments on behalf of the employee. We also integrate with internal or 3rd-party payroll solutions to reduce impacting internal processes.

Compliance, documentation & reporting

We will provide and maintain all documentation and reporting required for compliant administration of grants.

Grant support

Ensuring full transparency around grant vesting, management and documentation for employees and organization's.

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24/7 grant helpdesk

Grant administration support for employees, contractors, teams and service provider partners. Available 24/7, supporting all jurisdictions.

Dedicated grant advisor

An expert advisor that oversees and coordinates the onboarding and implementation, and provides ongoing support to internal teams.

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