Flexible, global crypto payroll in any token - USDC, Stablecoin, Bitcoin, or your native token

Toku is your comprehensive, compliant payroll solution in over 100 jurisdictions. Empower your employees with the freedom to choose how they get paid.

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What does it mean to have a crypto native global payroll partner?

Toku lets you operate payroll anywhere, with compliant fiat or crypto compensation

We operate a full end-to-end payroll service that can manage fiat payroll and provides real time tax calculations on tokens. We are able to process tax calculations real time with our Toku Tax Engine. Our global payroll solution eliminates the need for multiple regional vendors, reducing complexity and cost. Seamlessly operate payroll anywhere, with compliant fiat or crypto compensation.

Toku understands the future of crypto, so you won't get left behind on legacy systems.

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The Only Platform You Need For Global Payroll Operations

Enhanced accuracy and reliability

Easier ability to hire globally in more locations

On-time payment to employees

Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities

Localized contracts and documents

Faster operational agility

Stay Informed On your Spending

Never worry again about compliance in any jurisdiction. Get all the clarity and transparency you need to ensure full compliance.

Global Analytics

Simplify your spending overview. Quickly compare employer costs, bonuses, taxes, and more across all your operations in one platform.

Payroll Reports

At a glance view your payroll details showing the mix of cryptocurrency and fiat currency each employee receives.

Custom Dashboards

Real-time dashboard to provide visibility and  transparency to employees and client administrators

Expand to over 100 jurisdictions today

Hiring your top performers is important, but opening a local entity can be a huge task that distracts your core team from your core mission.

With Toku’s 100+ entities, we can hire employees on your behalf and make sure they’re taken care of.

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Experience Toku's Tailored Solution

Toku's global payroll solution is designed to address the common pain points in global payroll processes and offer a multitude of benefits

Simplified Processes and Reduced Costs

Toku streamlines the process of handling regional compliance requirements and unreliable vendor support by offering a unified platform for all payroll needs.

Improved Employee Experience

Don’t keep your employees frustrated. With Toku, you ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Single Vendor Convenience

Toku eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors across different regions and countries. With us, you only need one platform for all your employment needs.

Hire & Onboard Employees Seamlessly

Hire top talent without the hassle of opening local entities. Toku’s 100+ entities hire employees on your behalf, ensuring they’re taken care of. 

Synchronize employee information from your HR platform to eliminate redundant data entry and manage, approve, and disburse your international workforce's salaries in Fiat, USDC, Stablecoin, Bitcoin, or your native token, all from one platform.

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Simplify payments with a single, bulk transaction

Manage, approve, and disburse your international workforce's salaries all from one platform. Want to pay your team's salaries partially in ETH or BTC? You can do that too. Need to add a bonus or handle a last-minute expense? With Toku, it's possible in just a few clicks.

Solutions for HR, Finance and Legal Teams

Integrate with everything

Don’t change your workflow; simplify it.

Integrate Toku with your existing processes, be it through our native integrations or through bespoke development.

Bundled or Only Payroll? Crypto moves fast and requires flexibility. You can use each of our products standalone or together

Make your hiring needs simple

Token Grant Administration

Automate your token grant compensation on one platform.  With this seamless integration, ensure that your team members are compensated compliantly and automatically.


Toku lets you hire anyone, anywhere, with compliant token compensation plans, benefits and agreements. Don’t get left behind on legacy systems that aren't crypto native

Professional Employer Organization

Work with a PEO that’s truly built for crypto. Don’t compromise on your HR and crypto compensation plans.

Privacy and Security First

Safeguarding client data at all times is imperative at Toku, as we invest and maintain a high standard for data security.

External Penetration Testing

We ensure our systems are secure with the help of external peneteration testers.

International Entity Compliance

All Toku entities are compliant with all local laws and regulations.

SOC 2-Compliant Security Controls

We follow industry standards in architecting our internal security controls to safeguard client data.

Leading companies rely on Toku

Top foundations and enterprises trust Toku for our expertise to solve the problems that matter

Kinjal Shah

General Partner at Blockchain Capital

Crypto is fundamentally shifting how talent coordinates and works together. As people are paid in tokens, the need for Toku’s solution is clear. (...) Toku is setting the bar for what it means to offer compliant and comprehensive employment solutions to all Web3 contributors and employees alike.”

Christoph Simmchen

Co-Founder at Safe

Toku is on the front lines of solving operational challenges of hiring and compensating contributors. We needed a partner that understands token payroll and token grant administration in different countries. Toku’s solutions allow each contributor to focus on their tasks while knowing their compensation is handled compliantly. They are a partner to us and the broader ecosystem.

Phil Karl

Controller at Protocol Labs

We’ve worked with pretty much every EOR in the industry. They’ve all raised hundreds of millions of dollars but have no idea how to work with crypto companies or how to handle tokens. We love working with Toku because they just get it and they care.

Sota Watanabe

Founder at Astar Network

Toku is the obvious choice for any global crypto company to work with to hire and compensate their employees
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