Professional Employer Organization

Grow your U.S. crypto business with a PEO that cares

Seamlessly onboard employees in all 50 states with crypto, all on one platform.

The only PEO for crypto companies

Work with a PEO that’s truly built for crypto. Don’t compromise on your HR and crypto compensation plans.

Automated Token Payroll

Toku's token payroll processing platform automates crypto tax calculations, withholding and payments in all 50 states, integrated with your workflow.

Comprehensive HR Support

All the flexibility and scalability you need to grow your business. Toku’s principles-first approach to HR means more time to focus on the big picture.

Benefits Administration

Toku partners with the leading benefits providers, covering dental, vision, hearing, mental health services, and others.

Battle-tested fiat and token payroll processes

Secure your payroll with Toku’s payroll system, designed with no singular point of failure. We ensure compliance at all times for a uniform experience across all jurisdictions.

Uniform Tax Intake

Toku Tax Engine

Integrated Payroll

Toku Payroll Professionals

Take HR operations off your plate

Ensure full HR compliance with all 50 states.

Free up your HR Team to do more.

Partner with a crypto-native PEO to make sure your team does the work that only they can do.

Green check

100% compliance in all 50 states from Day 1

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Dedicated HR BP to support your organization

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Onboarding, visa sponsorships, relocations and weekly one-on-ones

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Protect your business with compliant HR policies

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Easy to access to workforce data and reporting

The right benefits package for you

Give your trusted employees the peace of mind they need with comprehensive benefits packages.

Health Insurance

Provide the best comprehensive healthcare benefits package for your team.

Mental Wellness

Access proactive wellness programs to protect your workforce’s mental health and motivation.

Financial Stability

Premium insurance options to provide stability in case of accident or emergency.

Premier Providers

Pick and choose between the best benefits providers in the United States.

Best-in-class portfolio of benefits partners

Toku teams up with top-tier partners to offer unmatched benefits packages.

And More...

Privacy and Security First

Safeguarding client data at all times is imperative at Toku, as we invest and maintain a high standard for data security.

External Penetration Testing

We ensure our systems are secure with the help of external peneteration testers.

International Entity Compliance

All Toku entities are compliant with all local laws and regulations.

SOC 2-Compliant Security Controls

We follow industry standards in architecting our internal security controls to safeguard client data.

Get up to speed on Token Compensation Today

This primer is your essential guide for navigating the complexities of token grant compensation, written by Toku, the leaders in crypto-native employment solutions serving top global companies like Protocol Labs, and dYdX Foundation.

Take payroll and HR off your plate

Grow, expand, hire and compensate with crypto in any country from Day 1.

Focus on your core mission, with compliance taken care of for you.