Toku announces SOC2 Compliance

Key Takeaways

  • Toku’s SOC2 certification reflects our unwavering commitment to security and compliance
  • For clients, this means they can rest assured that Toku’s processes are designed to protect their data privacy and security.
  • “Toku is always investing into the best security and infrastructure available to make sure our clients' data is always safe, and our services are always online 24/7.” - CEO & Founder, Ken O’Friel
Published on
October 23, 2023
Toku announces SOC2 Compliance

At Toku, we are committed to creating a truly secure and compliant solution for the leading companies in the world. Toku is proud to announce our SOC 2 accreditation, in line with our mission to set the highest standards as the only crypto-native EOR and PEO that provides token compensation services and tax compliance.

What is SOC 2 and why is this important for Toku?

SOC 2 is a global standard issued by the AICPA, and covers every process of a company’s operations. SOC 2 is a globally-recognized compliance standard, and achieving certification often requires months of evidence collection and audit queries.

It is important for us at Toku to achieve this accreditation, as a SOC 2 report demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ information security and privacy. Toku takes data security and privacy very seriously, and proactively implements security controls to manage and safeguard our clients’ sensitive information in order to provide our token grant administration, payroll, EOR and other such services.

What was audited?

Toku has undergone a thorough external review of our security and compliance posture through the SOC 2 standard in terms of its security, availability, and confidentiality, as laid out in AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria, including hiring, onboarding, continuity plans and systematic controls around infrastructure, systems and sensitive information.

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How Toku’s SOC 2 Accreditation protects your organization’s security and privacy

Toku’s SOC 2 accreditation proves to clients and stakeholders of Toku’s effective implementation of security controls according to established industry standards. Toku CEO and Founder, Ken O’Friel comments,”Obtaining SOC 2 accreditation serves as an important attestation of Toku’s unwavering commitment to security and compliance. Toku is always investing into the best security and infrastructure available to make sure our clients’ data is always safe, and our services are always online 24/7.”

Toku will continue to invest in its security infrastructure to be best in class. 


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