International Expansion,
Made Simple

Open doors to new international markets with a truly crypto-native Employer-of-Record.

Hire anywhere with tokens

Toku lets you hire anyone, anywhere, with compliant token compensation plans, benefits and agreements.

Never compromise for less. Work with an Employer-Of-Record that truly understands the future of crypto.

Don’t get left behind on legacy systems that don’t work for crypto.

Expand to over 100 jurisdictions today

Hiring your top performers is important, but opening a local entity can be a huge task that distracts your core team from your core mission.

With Toku’s 100+ entities, we can hire employees on your behalf and make sure they’re taken care of.

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Assemble your borderless dream team

Onboard the employee your team needs, anywhere they are.

Hire the best crypto talent in the world with the best packages without thinking about their nationality, geography, or taxes.

Found the perfect engineer in Italy? Let Toku take care of everything:

Green check

All mandatory benefits and labor law stipulations

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Locally-compliant employment agreement templates

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Optimized token agreement templates

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Onboarding and relocation support

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Global payroll integrated with your preferred workflows and apps


Get rid of your compliance blindspots

Never worry again about compliance in any jurisdiction. Get all the clarity and transparency you need to ensure full compliance.

True Global Presence

Find the best agreement type for founders, early employees, and contractors.

Compliance Peace of Mind

Hire anyone, anywhere with Toku’s hundreds of entities and in-house legal and compliance experts

Tokens & Taxes

Battle-tested global payroll processes ensure tax calculations are always perfect

Best-in-class portfolio of benefits partners

Toku teams up with top-tier partners to offer unmatched benefits packages.

And More...

Take payroll and HR off your plate

Grow, expand, hire and compensate with crypto in any country from Day 1.

Focus on your core mission, with compliance taken care of for you.

Get up to speed on Token Compensation Today

This primer is your essential guide for navigating the complexities of token grant compensation, written by Toku, the leaders in crypto-native employment solutions serving top global companies like Protocol Labs, and dYdX Foundation.

Privacy and Security First

Safeguarding client data at all times is imperative at Toku, as we invest and maintain a high standard for data security.

External Penetration Testing

We ensure our systems are secure with the help of external peneteration testers.

International Entity Compliance

All Toku entities are compliant with all local laws and regulations.

SOC 2-Compliant Security Controls

We follow industry standards in architecting our internal security controls to safeguard client data.


Integrate with everything

Don’t change your workflow; simplify it.

Integrate Toku with your existing processes, be it through our native integrations or through bespoke development.