Case Study

Facilitating Startup Flexibility and Growth

April 4, 2024

Facilitating Startup Flexibility and Growth

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In its early stages, Reppo had ambitious goals to build a marketplace for verifiable risk & reputation models that are consumed downstream to address systemic risks for blockchain networks and create surplus value by satisfying user intents across multiple chains.

With a lean team initially, the need for efficient contractor management, global payroll and the potential for future full employment for its team led Reppo to partner with Toku. 

The Challenge

Reppo aimed to establish a global contracting framework capable of evolving into full employment opportunities, all while maintaining scalability and compliance. The lean nature of their operation required a solution that provided comprehensive support without the need for an internal HR team.

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The Solution

Toku met Reppo exactly where they were in their journey, providing a scalable contractor management framework with the option for future employment transitions. Toku’s adaptable solutions and expertise in global employment perfectly aligned with Reppo’s needs.

This strategic approach ensured Reppo could focus on growth, knowing their employment needs were managed with foresight and expertise. Toku’s solutions supported Reppo’s evolution from a startup to an organization ready for structured employment, emphasizing operational flexibility and future growth.


“Toku’s team listened to our needs as an early start-up, and offered flexible solutions for contractor management, global payroll & EOR/PEO. With their tailored support, we were onboard in a matter of days. Toku felt like an extension of our team.” - Caroline Cai | Co-founder,

Toku guides leading organizations in navigating the complexities of finding the optimal solution for global employment, tax optimization, and global compliance, specifically tailored for the Web3 Industry.

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