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Embracing Crypto-Native Expansion with Toku

April 4, 2024

Embracing Crypto-Native Expansion with Toku

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Space Meridian, a team building products and protocols to expand the Filecoin ecosystem, sought a crypto-native EOR/PEO partner to manage employment and contractor needs with the flexibility for future token-based compensation. Toku, recognized for its crypto-native expertise, emerged as the ideal partner to address Space Merdian’s needs. 

The Challenge

Space Meridian, with three co-founders spread across three different countries and legally incorporated in a separate jurisdiction, was in search for an all-in-one solution adept at handling both employment, contractor management, and token-based compensation. This required a crypto-native EOR/PEO, and more specifically one with experience with administering token compensation and token grants. 

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The Solution

Toku provided a comprehensive solution that catered to Space Meridian's immediate global employment and contractor management needs, while also offering the flexibility to partner with Space Meridian on future token compensation strategies. 

This partnership bolstered Space Meridian's operational agility and ensured global compliance. Toku's readiness to accommodate Space Meridian’s long-term plans, particularly in token compensation, underscored a partnership aimed at future growth as much as current needs. This adaptability was key for Space Meridian.


"Every start-up has immediate needs in getting off the ground, but we felt ours were quite unique! We chose Toku for a long-term strategic partnership, due to its expertise with token grants, geo-awareness and can-do attitude. We’re excited to have Toku by our side for years to come.” - Patrick Woodhead, Founder & CEO

Toku guides leading organizations in navigating the complexities of finding the optimal solution for global employment, tax optimization, and global compliance, specifically tailored for the Web3 Industry.

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