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Enhancing Global Workforce Benefits with High-Touch Support

April 4, 2024

Enhancing Global Workforce Benefits with High-Touch Support

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Elliptic Research, a company focused on the design and efficiency of cryptographic proofs enabling blockchains, aimed to provide US employment, international contracting, native token grant compensation and competitive benefits to its workforce. As an early start-up on a short timeline to get operations up and running, they needed a partner they could lean on for all their employment operations and fiat & token compensation needs. 

The Challenge

Due to their smaller team size, Elliptic Research did not have the internal operations resources to focus on global employment, benefits and token compensation.  Furthermore, they could not go to market for competitive benefits without paying exorbitant prices.

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The Solution

Partnering with Toku, Elliptic Research gained access to employment and token payroll infrastructure, and access to a best-in-class benefits package. This was crucial in setting up Elliptic Research’s team for success. Toku's high-touch support ensured Elliptic Research's benefits strategy was seamlessly implemented in a matter of days. 

Toku’s commitment to Elliptic Research went beyond standard service. The dedicated support team, personalized assistance, and swift problem resolution underscored Toku’s high-touch approach, making a significant difference in Elliptic Research’s operational success and employee experiences.

Quote from Elliptic

We wouldn’t have been able to set up our global employment, token payroll and benefits without Toku. Their team was immediately accessible through internal slack channels, zoom calls, and high-touch onboarding support. We felt supported at every step of the way. - Nemo, CEO Elliptic Research 

Toku guides leading organizations in navigating the complexities of finding the optimal solution for global employment, tax optimization, and global compliance, specifically tailored for the Web3 Industry.

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