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Global Contractor and Payroll Management for an Early-Stage Team

April 15, 2024

Global Contractor and Payroll Management for an Early-Stage Team

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Filecoin Incentive Design Labs, or FIDL, is a team that nucleated from Protocol Labs to focus on incentivising positive contributions to the Filecoin network. Specifically, this means development of strategies, tooling and dashboards used by Storage Providers and Clients on Filecoin. In a crucial phase of its evolution, FIDL, sought to assemble a global team through effective contractor management, facing the need for a partner who could provide a broad spectrum of services specifically catered to the nuances of an early-stage company. 

Toku, with its comprehensive offerings in contractor management, customized legal agreements and payroll capabilities, emerged as the quintessential partner for FIDL.

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The Challenge

Building a global team to propel its strategic ambitions, FIDL required a sophisticated contractor management system adept at navigating diverse legal jurisdictions, ensuring payroll compliance, and facilitating flexible legal agreements for international contractor relationships. 

The Solution

Toku provided FIDL with a seamless contractor management solution, encapsulating everything from bespoke legal agreements tailored for different jurisdictions to a payroll system designed for multi-currency operations and adherence to varying tax laws. Toku’s commitment to offering real-time, dedicated support guided FIDL through managing a globally dispersed contractor workforce with ease.


"Our partnership with Toku enabled us to manage our global team efficiently. We needed a partner that we could trust to outsource these key operational areas. We turned to Toku so that we could be hands off and focus on our strategic priorities." - Marta Piekarska Geater, Executive Director of FIDL.

Toku guides leading organizations in navigating the complexities of finding the optimal solution for global employment, tax optimization, and global compliance, specifically tailored for the Web3 Industry.

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