Toku and Hedgey Establish Strategic Partnership

December 1, 2023

Toku & Hedgey Establish Strategic Partnership

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In a move poised to simplify the intricate world of crypto infrastructure, Toku, the premier token compensation administrator, and Hedgey Finance, a leader in onchain token vesting, are collaborating to offer both services in a single, streamlined experience for onchain organizations. This collaboration aspires to uncomplicate token compensation and onchain token vesting, making it seamless for businesses to navigate the decentralized ecosystem.

"As the crypto ecosystem matures, the need for straightforward, effective solutions becomes paramount. Our partnership with Hedgey is a testament to this belief," expressed Ken O'Friel, CEO of Toku. "We're combining our strengths to present crypto-native teams with an effortlessly intuitive experience."

Echoing this sentiment, Lindsey Winder, CEO and Co-Founder of Hedgey Finance, remarked, "Our aim at Hedgey has always been to simplify the challenges of onchain teams. By partnering with Toku, we are reinforcing our commitment to providing a simplified, yet robust, mechanism for businesses to manage their onchain token infrastructure needs – from token vesting smart contracts to regulatory compliance, and tax reporting."

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Streamlined Tax Compliance: A straightforward approach to navigating complex tax landscapes, ensuring businesses remain aligned with local and global regulations.
  • Effortless Scalability: Offering tools that allow businesses to grow in crypto without getting bogged down by convoluted processes.
  • Simplicity: A user-friendly interface doesn't compromise on security, ensuring assets and data are safeguarded without unnecessary complexities.
  • Uncomplicated HR Solutions: Toku's expertise ensures crypto companies can offer premium benefits to their teams without the traditional HR intricacies

This collaboration is a testament to the shifting paradigm in crypto, where complexity takes a backseat, allowing simplicity to drive growth, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

For a closer look at how this partnership is uncomplicating the Web3 financial landscape, visit and Hedgey.