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About Toku

Toku is the first comprehensive, global solution for token compensation & tax compliance.

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Solve your token grants and compensation management needs today

Compensating your team of international superstars is hard. Paying out compliantly in tokens is even harder.

Toku gives your team the freedom and flexibility to navigate token grant management for any token, any time, any where.

The Story of Toku

The idea for Toku was born when Founder Ken O'Friel was deeply researching on the crypto space in 2015, and found a common thread among various crypto companies – the use of tokens for incentive alignment and work exchange. This sparked a unique idea for Ken: to create a company that could streamline and bring token compensation into the mainstream.

Ken met Co-Founder Dominika Stobiecka and Chairman Michael Carter in Japan, and immediately set out to build a company that not only simplified token compensation, but also prioritized an adherence to regulatory compliance that proves pivotal in an increasingly-regulated industry.

Meet the Team

Toku is proudly led by the leading minds of the industry.

Founder Ken O'Friel
Ken O'Friel
Founder & CEO
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Co-Founder Dominika Stobiecka
Dominika Stobiecka
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Head of Legal Ben Snipes
Ben Snipes
Head of Legal
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Head of Finance Dustin Hull
Dustin Hull
Head of Finance
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Controller Stef Stadlinger
Stef Stadlinger
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Our Board

Chairman Michael Carter
Michael Carter
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Board Member Walter Kortschak
Walter Kortschak
Board Member
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Board Member Josh Buckley
Josh Buckley
Board Member
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Backed by the industry's best:

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Building better for the entire ecosystem

Toku is positioned to partner with governments, follow all global laws & regulations, and help every single crypto company - from the new startups to the large incumbents - make the transition to compliant and scalable token compensation across the globe.

Careers at Toku

Regardless of the role, we look for smart humans who thrive in fast-paced environments, who have a high tolerance for complexity, and who won’t stop searching for solutions until they invent them.

We look for people who have (or are intentional about getting) experience working in an early-stage startup where priorities may shift quickly and the role may go beyond what is in the job description, and who are excited about having an influence over product development and company’s growth trajectory.

We work with self-aware, kind and empathetic people who are ready to learn and willing to build.

Attitude is everything. Does this sound like you?

Find your role at Toku