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About Toku

Toku is the first comprehensive, global solution for token compensation & tax compliance.

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Careers at Toku

Regardless of the role, we look for smart humans who thrive in fast-paced environments, who have a high tolerance for complexity, and who won’t stop searching for solutions until they invent them.

We look for people who have (or are intentional about getting) experience working in an early-stage startup where priorities may shift quickly and the role may go beyond what is in the job description, and who are excited about having an influence over product development and company’s growth trajectory.

We work with self-aware, kind and empathetic people who are ready to learn and willing to build.

Attitude is everything. Does this sound like you?

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The meaning behind Toku

Paying people in rice instead of money was measured by a koku, a unit of measurement in Japan equal to the amount of rice needed to feed one person for a year. We're now compensating people in tokens, so Toku is the blockchain homage to that idea!

Beyond that, the founding team met in Tokyo and our CEO is proudly Japanese. Give us a shout if you’re ever visiting!

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Building better for the entire ecosystem

Toku is positioned to partner with governments, follow all global laws & regulations, and help every single crypto company - from the new startups to the large incumbents - make the transition to compliant and scalable token compensation across the globe.

Contact us:

- For general enquiries: hello@toku.com
- For media enquiries: media@toku.com
- For career enquiries: recruiting@toku.com
- For marketing enquiries: marketing@toku.com

Find out more

Toku Token Payroll

A global payroll solution for employers that pay employees or contractors for work performed using tokens and fiat.

Toku Token Grant Administration

Native token grant administration solutions, including globally compliant legal templates, payroll integration including; withholding, taxes, & reporting, and live helpdesk support for grantees.

Toku Distributed Employment

Localized employment contracts, token payroll integration, tax compliance, and more for your global team.

Toku for Legal Teams

Local employment agreements, tax compliant token payroll & tax efficient token grant structures.