Toku Token Tax Engine

Drive global tax compliance with Toku's Crypto Tax Engine

The Tax Engine is the driving force behind Toku's solutions. Precision and efficiency in tax calculations for token & fiat compensation, globally.

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Leading Crypto tax compliance platform to simplify token payroll.

The Token Tax Engine meticulously considers each employee's individual tax-relevant information, compensation structure, and jurisdiction-specific tax rules.

Simplifying tax compliance

Toku Token Tax Engine covers the full spectrum of token and fiat compensation, including base pay, off-cycle bonuses, and grants.

Built for global tax regulations

Designed to accommodate the unique tax and regulatory requirements of global jurisdictions. Stay compliant and adapt to changing regulations with ease.

Sell-to-cover management

Processing complex sell-to-cover processes, converting tokens into local fiat currencies to ensure remittances are paid to local authorities in their accepted currencies.

Let the Toku Token Tax Engine drive your success!

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