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Toku for Finance Teams

Simplified token compensation. Global compliance.

Toku is designed with global compliance at its core. Run token payroll and implement token vesting schedules and so much more - with ease & confidence.

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Global tax compliance

We provide 100% tax compliance and will show you the work we do. We manage the sell-to cover, withholdings and cash transfers to local authorities in every jurisdiction we operate in.

Manage your global token payroll from a single platform

A centralized platform that will process your entire token payroll in a single click. Reducing the time, cost & burden on Finance teams.

Ready to simplify employment and compensation?

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Toku Token Payroll

A global payroll solution for employers that pay employees or contractors for work performed using tokens and fiat.

Toku Token Grant Administration

Native token grant administration solutions, including globally compliant legal templates, payroll integration including; withholding, taxes, & reporting, and live helpdesk support for grantees.

Toku Distributed Employment

Localized employment contracts, token payroll integration, tax compliance, and more for your global team.

Toku for Legal Teams

Local employment agreements, tax compliant token payroll & tax efficient token grant structures.