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Toku for Regulators

Working to establish a clear, safe and sustainable crypto industry.

Toku is the leading solution for compliant employment and compensation in crypto.

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Working together to ensure crypto works

We believe that the crypto industry is currently in a phase of transition.
  • In any new industry, if it succeeds, it will get regulated. 
  • Crypto has succeeded! That comes with inevitable regulation.
  • Regulation is a good thing because once that industry passes through this phase of regulation, it can access the whole rest of the world, with a stamp of approval from governments.
We believe that it’s going to be the companies that enable or better yet facilitate companies in the crypto industry to follow the new regulations to become critical for the entire ecosystem to survive and thrive.

Paying people with tokens is an obvious first real world use case of any token. It doesn’t matter what the token does. All tokens can be used to compensate workers. And in fact are!

Complying with global labor, tax and employment laws 

Ensuring tax is paid on token compensation is a critical step indicating to governments that the crypto industry can, and will, follow regulations.

Toku is positioned to partner with governments, follow all the laws, and help every single crypto company, from the new startups to the large incumbents make this transition through our suite of products.

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Toku Token Payroll

A global payroll solution for employers that pay employees or contractors for work performed using tokens and fiat.

Toku Token Grant Administration

Native token grant administration solutions, including globally compliant legal templates, payroll integration including; withholding, taxes, & reporting, and live helpdesk support for grantees.

Toku Distributed Employment

Localized employment contracts, token payroll integration, tax compliance, and more for your global team.

Toku for Legal Teams

Local employment agreements, tax compliant token payroll & tax efficient token grant structures.